St. Dominikus Hospital, Akwatia

I have been able to accompany this mission hospital for many years. In the following areas I was able to help:

  • Purchase of technological devices for home and medical use
  • Installation and commissioning of the devices in the eye clinic, child intensive and maternity ward
  • Advice from and purchase of equipment with other sponsors
  • A new sterilizer for the eye clinic
  • CNC machines for edging and grinding glasses for the optician workshop

The hospital in Akwatia requires constant additions to equipment and systems, as well as the corresponding maintenance. The eye clinic in particular is constantly being updated.

In 2014 the telephone system that I had set up 10 years before had failed. With the help of a company for telephone systems, I got a good used small telephone system for 300 participants. With a technician, I was able to set up and start up the plant in Akwatia. In 2015, various machines and tools were procured for the optician workshop. Two CNC machines for processing the glasses were replaced by new devices. An old diesel emergency generator had failed and could not be repaired anymore. Through 3 sponsors (€ 40,000.00) I was able to get and connect a new emergency power system with 275 KVA (see photo).

In April / May 2016, the two old sterilizers from 1977 and 1981 failed completely and could not be repaired any more. A hospital without a sterilizer is no longer a hospital. So, a new sterilizer from MMM had to be ordered. This sterilizer will be delivered at the end of September 2016 and brought to Akwatia / Ghana by container and assembled by me in October / November 2016. The financing of approx. € 56,000.00 has not been fully secured yet. Donations for this are still urgently needed.


2012 – 2018