Father Moses school, Kumasi

Father Moses School was inaugurated with 12 classrooms on November 1, 2011.

A bus is urgently needed to run the school, which currently has 560 pupils, in order to be able to pick up and drop off children from the various villages and locations. Another well for drinking water, toilet facilities for teachers and students, as well as rainwater storage to supply the toilet facilities are urgently needed. A photovoltaic system is to take over the important electrical supply in this non-developed area. In addition, other buildings for students and teachers are planned.

Two buildings have been built to house administration and an apartment. Due to lack of money, these buildings have not been completed, yet. With another sponsor, another school building for another 500 children is currently being built parallel to the first building with a connecting passage to the existing school building. A 25 KW photovoltaic system is being built on this building. This system will then be used to power 100 laptops. Additional photovoltaic systems will take over the further electrical supply of the administration and residential building.



Inauguration 2011

First construction phase 2009

Building shell, first construction phase 2007