Completed projects

In Kumasi , the second largest city in Ghana, I started supporting a small hospital, the Siloam Hospital with 30 beds, 20 years ago. 

I bought a new operating table, had two operating rooms re-tiled, set up a central gas supply for oxygen, nitrous oxide, compressed air and anesthetic gas extraction for two operating rooms and bought a diesel emergency generator. Once I had a 60 m deep well drilled, I was able to supply the entire hospital and the living area with fresh, clean water using a high-pressure pump. I completed the hospital with various technological devices for home and medical uses.

Another project is the Maranatha Maternity Home , also in Kumasi. This maternity ward with ten beds used to be in a house without a roof for twelve years. It was raining in and tropical plants were growing upstairs. 

With the help of your donations, I was able to complete the construction of the clinic and build a hall in front of it. Today, the maternity ward has a cesarean operating room, a laboratory, ten new beds, a laboratory and surgical equipment and other devices that are necessary for operation. I also built a well with a pump and diesel emergency power unit. With the introduction of health insurance bills in Ghana and the good technical and personnel equipment of the Maranatha Maternity Clinic, this maternity ward finally became a hospital.

With further donations, it was possible for me to have a primary school built in Asikam / Ghana West Africa within nine months. The old school was dilapidated, the roof was leaking, the side walls were only partially raised, and the students of the individual classes were hardly separated from each other. Teaching and studying effectively was hardly possible.

So, in April 2006 I decided to build a new school. This school has six separate classrooms, a teacher’s room and one storage room. The inauguration took place on May 2, 2007. 

My decision to build this school in May 2006 prompted the district government of Kwahu to build a secondary school with three classes next to my school, which was also inaugurated on May 2nd. 100 girls and 80 boys in this region can now be taught up to the 9th grade here. As part of these celebrations, I was crowned King of Asikam as a special recognition of my humanitarian aid for this region in Ghana. The project is not yet complete, as a fountain for the drinking water supply is still missing. So far, drinking water has been drawn from the nearby river, where people bathe and wash their clothes.