Current projects

A new school project is currently under construction in Asamankese . A primary and secondary school were built here for currently 560 pupils in 12 classes. With classes at maximum capacity, additional pupils can no longer be accepted. A waiting list of 200 children has prompted an extension project with a goal of 18 classrooms across 3 floors. In March 2014, 6 classrooms were constructed on the first floor. In the meantime, these classes have been completed and school operations have started.  A collaboration with the University of Education in Karlsruhe has allowed three students to complete their internship in Asamankese or in Offinso.

Another project is a large boarding school for poor children in Offinso , which is being built north of Kumasi. Father Moses had a vision to build a large school with residential buildings for schoolchildren and teachers. I purchased and co-financed the land and started off by drilling a deep well and pumping water with a high-pressure pump and emergency generator for the production of stones. This yielded 15 000 stones which were guarded day and night until construction began. In 2007, a small area of the 12 ha school plot was cleared and the construction of 12 classrooms across two floors started. The school was completed and inaugurated on November 2, 2011. Approximately 500 children are currently being taught and cared for with an additional school bus pick up and drop off service.

A second school building with 12 more classrooms was started. Still ongoing?

The Missionary Hospital St. Dominicus Hospital is located in Akwatia . This hospital has operated for 50 years and been run by German nuns since its beginning. Here, I also financed and built a central gas supply for oxygen, nitrous oxide, compressed air and anesthetic gas extraction for three operating rooms. I also installed and connected the hospital’s first externally sponsored oxygen production system, bought various home and medical devices and delivered them to the nurses and doctors. In the eye clinic built by a sponsor, I organized its medical equipment and installed it on site. After 10 years, this eye clinic is one of the largest in Ghana to date. However, equipment and systems must be constantly updated with ongoing maintenance required.