Humanitarian aid

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If you are interested in our projects and would like to support our work, there are other ways to support Ghanahilfe in addition to donations.

Your personal help

For example, doctors are needed for anesthesia, urology and surgery who will make their skills and knowledge available to the humanitarian service during vacation or after retirement.
There is also the option of sponsoring an apprenticeship.

Humanitarian aid

With many donations, both monetary and non-monetary, I have already been able to realize many meaningful and vital projects. The projects mentioned here would not be possible without your financial support. Please continue to support this important work and help us to complete existing projects or start new ones.
If you are interested and would like to support our work, please contact me by phone (+43 (0)781-31130), by E-Mail, by contact form or by mail.


For many years has been providing information independently and across agencies about the possibilities of volunteering, including in Ghana. In addition to its range of information, the organization arranges short-term volunteer services / work camps. These projects are financed by a participation fee of the volunteers who participate for one to three months and are looked after on site. You can find more information at this website: